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Arriaga Stone | Proyectos | Piedra natural | Marmol y Granito | Chimeneas | Baños | Esculturas y diseño

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Welcome to the world of the natural stone of the hand of the best designs in pieces of baths like (wash-basins, tubs, shower tub), classic and modern chimneys, sculptures, special projects and to measure, mosaics, columns, balustrades, with diverse ended and a great diversity of textures. 

Simplicity, elegance, beauty, comfort, innovation, tradition, modernity, personality … are some of the signs of identity of the products elaborated by ARRIAGA STONE.



The concept of natural stone for Arriaga is synonymous of resistance, permanence and guarantee to satisfy the safety requirements, comfort and beauty of our products. From Arriaga Stone there is revealed that the care of this precious stone, of the hand of our craftsmen, it does that its grandeur preserves and keeps its natural essence intact.

The natural stone is an exclusive product and for Arriaga every piece is only, equal other one does not exist.