The Arriaga Exclusive range offers a selection of marbles and limestones. The collection is designed to provide a range of interior and exterior surfaces for any kind of project. All have a proven track record and are ASTM / UNE tested.

Blanche Ramage

Arriaga Stone Exclusive Material


The Blanche Ramage is a very dense, fine grained limestone. It can be used for cladding, flooring and carved stone. It´s a frost resistant material.

The material has a beige background with consistent dark veining, best results give in a honed or brushed finish.


Arriaga Stone Exclusive Material


Limestone. Very dense, fine grain. Can be used in interior and exterior. Frost resistant. Beige background with occasional darker shades. Ideal for use as paver and architectural elements like columns, balusters, window/door surrounds.

Blanco Nacarado

Arriaga Stone Exclusive Material


Limestone with a fine to medium grain. Due to its characteristics it’s a perfect material for making architectural elements, exterior cladding in moderate climates and interiors. It´s off-white tone makes it an elegant stone.

Gris Alto

Arriaga Stone Exclusive Material


The Gris Alto limestone is a perfect material for exterior use. It´s highly frost resistant and looks great in slip resistant finishes like bush-hammered, sandblasted and flamed. Because of the high content of quartz it´s a very durable material. It´s color is anthracite/grey with occasional white veining.

Negro Abanilla

Arriaga Stone Exclusive Material


The Negro Abanilla is a fine grained limestone, variating in color from dark grey to black. The stone contains occasional white to gold colored veining. The stone is very dense and compact and can be used in interior as well as exterior. When polishing it enriches it´s color and giving a nice shine. Perfect for exterior paving and interior pieces as wash basins and fireplace mantels.

Blanco Macael

Arriaga Stone Exclusive Material


The Blanco Macael is a Calcite Marble with a white background and grey shades. Selection of the material gives a whiter material for high grade and more influence of grey for lower grades. The Blanco Macael is used in emblematic buildings as the Alhambra palace in Granada (Spain) and the Mezquita in Cordoba. The extraction of the white Macael dates back to the 3rd century B.C.

Gris Macael

Arriaga Stone Exclusive Material


The Gris Macael is extracted from the same quarries as the white Macael. It´s tone varies from a mid-grey to dark grey with occasional dark grey veining. It has a very low absorption rate and high rate of crystallization. This makes it a perfect material to use exterior in extreme weather conditions.

Blanco Pirg

Arriaga Stone Exclusive Material


The Blanco Pirg is a fine grained dolomitic marble. It has a white background with light and fine grey veining. It´s frequently used as an alternative to the classic Italian marbles as Carrara and Statuario. Suitable for use in interiors and exteriors with moderate weather conditions.