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Stone consultancy

As we are not limited to just one material, we have the freedom to assist with the material selection: meeting technical requirements, selecting the color range and assuring availability of the materials. We produce mockups to give a view of the full range of the selected stone.

Due to our decades of experience with many materials and strong relationships with quarries, we are able to ensure the quality requirements of the project.

Technical department

Consultoría para la selección y aplicación de las piedras

Consultoría para la protección de las piedras

Mediciones de obra

Realización de planos técnicos de producción

Supervisión técnica durante la ejecución

Custom stone fabrication

Arriaga Stone´s well equipped custom stone production combines the latest computer controlled cutting, profiling and carving machinery with the traditionally skilled artisans to produce an impressive range of natural stone products.

Material can be selected by space and checked with a dry lay in our facilities. To ensure a problem free arrival to the job site, we pay special attention to solid packing and crating.

On-site support

To save time and costs during the installation process we use a system of labeling and color coding items and crates during production and packaging. With this system there is no time wasted in searching for pieces. We offer an optional service of installation supervision and complete installation of complex pieces.

Projects management

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